[#366] Aug 19, 2015

[#366] Aug 19, 2015 at 12:48 AM

Hmmmm.... suck at pretending to be guy huh... LOL well guess i need to practice XD

How about the following photos lol. Not really cosplaying any character. Just random practice of male make up XDD. Pretty successful for a first try I would say. I am almost falling for myself!!!! (๑•̀ㅁ•́๑)✧ No i'm not kidding LOL.

unnamed1.jpg unnamed_20150820103809d0f.jpg

Pulled out my most manly clothes and they are all long sleeves lol. The wig is the same as the hakutaku wig if you didn't notice, needed to cover it with hat or else it looks wayyyy to girly. Btw the M-shaped bang makes it more manly as well XD (i supposed). If you are wondering my face looks different, I used tape to pull up the puffy cheeks XDD. A technique I saw online and couldn't wait to try it. Instant man up LOL. Plus I successfully cover my eye brow with make up, also another technique from online but this took me a few time to succeed. Probably caz of my long eye brow hair. It doesn't stick to the skin smoothly... sad. Took me almost two hours to do the make up including taping and stuff. Anyways it looks okay on photos so I left it lol. And yes no more smirk XDD. Cool guy face all the way. >=D................ Except for the last one... I only THOUGHT of smiling for a TINY BIT and boom there comes the girly-ness. sad.

Well I know not much about facebook policies... I opened a new account anyways lol. Used jap character for the name, which is the same as the name I have been using since high school as my internet nick name. Will change it back to english soon tho caz it was such a pain to change keyboard and type jap to tag my name then switch back to eng keyboard EVERY SINGLE TIME. Fb let you change for name yea, then you need to wait for 60days before changing it again. I'm waiting XD.

Went Taiwan during Easter holiday... didn't need to take any day off (́◕◞౪◟◕‵). Ya tagging along with mom for free hotel only because she is an executive i guess lol. No one can say no to the boss? Well I won't be or can't be joining their schedule so I would need to plan my own trip, which I haven't started yet LOL. I think I should take as much leaves as possible with this job caz I don't think I would be able to get as many days off and as easy as it is in the future. =P

Wow excellent observation on the student card! I totally didn't notice the expiry date LOL. And forget about the Chinese characters, even some Chinese/ Hong Kong people are not sure about the pronunciation of my surname and the last character. Kinda sad. (;´Д`)

2017.... If I didn't fail any courses I may be able to finish all required credits by the end of 2016. Don't know if it is possible with my cosplay hype but we will see =v=.


P.S. I really like my guy make up XDDD. Becoming more and more narcissistic (́◕◞౪◟◕‵)

P.P.S. Took me quite a while to update my blog with the emails lol. Havent updated it since mid July.... Hence the delay of this email reply =P.

P.P.P.S. Good luck for your CIBC job!! Hope you get the offer soon! ヽ(・∀・)ノ

[#365] Aug 15, 2015

[#365] Aug 15, 2015 at 11:26 PM

Soo... you weren't purposely going for female Hakutaku? Wooo cool my turn to be brutally honest: you reallllllyyyy suck at pretending to be a guy LOL. You don't just look not-masculine in some of your pics, but like extra-girly. Well I think you just went into your normal photo-taking/selfie mode for the pics. It'll be interesting to see what changes you make next time with a guy pose and not your signature Smirk... if you do make changes. I'm pretty sure cosplay isn't necessary about accuracy and more about good looking, interesting, and/or creative costumes. So yeah, do whatever you want lol. Besides I think you will be more memorable and get more attention as female Hakutaku :P

Your bookshelf. Hmmm you've shown me your bookshelf before so maybe that book was originally there before and perhaps I've already made a comment about it then too, but I guess I have to say it (again?): LOL that "History of Mathematics" book. Anyways, looks like everything fits pretty well! Too bad we just have too many emails I can't find your old picture to compare lol. Also, that poor 4x4 rubiks cube obviously hasn't been getting your attention lol.

Haha yes I can imagine you being very very careful with your Jojo models. Soooooooo you're the type of person who would have giant glass display cases full of models and figurines in your room if you could eh?

Facebook allows multiple profiles for the same person? Did not know, thought it was against some of their policy like must use real name etc lol. Well well you must be posting a pretty insane number of posts to flood a facebook feed LOL

Really becoming a masters student eh haha.... excited?? Does your student card from SFU look different? I thought all student cards looks like library cards lol (well pretty sure it functions as the school library card too right). It's nice that they let you choose your own photo that you can take yourself on the card. UofT just takes it on the spot and yep I'm stuck with a terrible picture for all eternity lol. Also aha so that's your chinese name. Well to be honest my chinese sucks too much I only recognize the first character (I think). The second character looks simple and very similar to common words but I don't think I know that particular one....or maybe it is a common daily use character and I'm just stupid? And the third character just no clue lol. Well names are always hard for me.... in the few instances where I tried to read Chinese novels I pretty much just make up names for all the people in the story because I don't recognize the chinese characters of their names haha. Anywayss notice your card has an expiry date so you really have to do your degree in 1.5 years haha. And 1.5 years is already into 2017 holy..... 2017 somehow sounds so futuristic

Wait you have only 7 days leave? I swear you've been onto a bunch of vacations already, like Korea and Taiwan....and you still have enough for 5 whole days off for Okinawa? Seven days isn't too bad, I think 10 days is roughly standard for starting and doesn't necessarily increase much. Anyways you are going to Vietnam for 5 days?!! You can just tag along your mom lol? That's pretty cool! Have you been Vietnam before? But umm September? Don't you have school lol?

Never seen sea grapes before.... looks classy/expensive haha. As for bitter melon... yeah....... it's an acquired taste I guess. I don't really like it either, every time I have it I'm like "oohhhh its so bitter, how can people like this".... but I suppose it tastes kinda interesting because I then take another piece LOL.


P.S. " However Jonathan gave up on the last hole caz he said he was too tired.... lame lol." ... I've never even met the guy but reading that I feel like saying "yeah typical Jonathan"

P.P.S. Indeed I wonder how you'll manage all your activities with work and school.... perhaps you'll merge your interests like prob a cosplay club at the uni (imagining you go to class in costume lol)? And do grades really matter for masters? I don't know why but I have impression it matters less and people just care that you have it? Also I think perhaps I may have to re-extend the "i assume Aurelea is dead" time then so I don't think you're dead every other week hah.

P.P.P.S. I think Windows 10 looks better than Win8 in almost every way, and I like the new way the windows snap to edges of screen... though if you use a laptop with small screen I guess you don't snap windows to half the screen very often. Upgrading didn't cause any problems for me.

P.P.P.P.S. Got email from CIBC saying offer is taking longer than usual because everyone is on vacation hahaha......... I hope that's really the reason...

[#364] Aug 13, 2015

[#364] Aug 13, 2015 at 12:20 PM

My forehead mark was half melting by the time I arrived the event area LOL. Some people do make up there, some do make up at home. I'm one of the latter caz it takes me quite a long time to do my make up since i'm not very familiar with it lol. NOOOOO more famine?! GG. I guess it's caz of the way I smile and the way I stand XDD. I don't know I find it so hard to control my face while taking photos lol. Not very good at taking pictures AND posing to start with.... =v= Anyways, more photos will be taken on August 30. Hopefully I'll get better at presenting the character XD. Will definitely look up for "guys standing posture" this time LOL.

The Princess in wonderland book was too pretty I couldn't resist buying it LOL. Actually I like pretty/artsy stuff, which I think both princess/fantasy style and jojo fall in the same category in my head XDD guess that explain the diversity lol. Yup your were right about there is always room for jojo XD. Though I needed to re-arrange my shelf. Here it is.

I actually like this display than the previous version. Not only because it is easier for me to get the mangas (lmao they were in the top right corner before), but also I like how I figured a way to place my jojo keychain belt XDD. And of course showing off my cube puzzles and rubiks cubes >=D.

As for the figures, I didn't plan to display them caz I have to keep the box to store the changeable parts anyways. I put them back CAREFULLY after playing with them XDD. They are now sleeping safely in my wardrobe >=D. Guess I will have to wait til having my own apartment/ bigger room for a glass showcase, then I will reveal them from the box lol.

It seems like I have been once again sucked into the acg world since high school(grade9) in HK lol. You know I even opened up a new fb account for cosplay/acg purpose. Just to let you know i added you in the new fb account as well lol. Well one of the reason is that sis was complaining about the overflow post about acg stuff in her new feeds lol, mostly because I started adding a bunch of cosplayer I met (think I mentioned in some previous emails before lol,, new fds at cat café and butler café). Then I realised my co-worker may be seeing my posts. SHYT. So ya better to have another account in case I have more colleagues in the future.

I have 7 days of annual leave, which is not much... I know =v=. Okinawa trip took 5 days and I already requested for another 3 days leave in September. Mom's having a conference meeting in Vietnam with agency... So I decided to stick around for free hotel XD. 5 days trip alone!! gonna be exciting >=D. CWT in October is in HK is where the Taiwanese fan made stores come and place an event in HK. The CWT in Taiwan event just happened this passed weekend lol. Some HK store flew over to participate in their event as well. To make things easier, both CW(aka CWHK) and CWT were held once in both HK and Taiwan lol. I only go to the events that are placed in HK.

KK back to reality. The golfing trip!! Well I did 106 at a 18-hole course with 71par.... not too bad actually as boss was expecting me to do 120-130(which is really bad lol). Weather was sunny and nice. Jonathan was a pretty good player regarding he joined the HK teenage professional team before. He hasn't played for almost one year but still got like around 85-90 (that's really really good score, boss plays every week and he got 96). However Jonathan gave up on the last hole caz he said he was too tired.... lame lol. Anyways, had free breakfast free lunch free golfing, feels like "Executive-in-training" indeed XD.

Another exciting moment! TaDaaaaa. Finally got my student card and is official a University student.. AGAIN XDDD.Seriously it looks like a library card.... funny thing is that we were supposed to pre-upload our own photo online, then receive the card immediately after finishing the registration procedure at campus. Of course I'm guessing 70% of the people didn't do so... including myself LOL. They have a bunch of computers lining up for you to connect your phone and upload picture. In other words, the picture shown on the card is a selfie from phone LOLOLOL. I found this really funny somehow XDD. Couldn't stop laughing when I got the card lol.

Upcoming events will be... hiking with elementary fds on the coming Saturday, slide the city on the next Saturday, CW event on the next next Sunday. Guess I got all my weekends occupied for now lol.

The whole Japan is known for food my friend >=D. Okinawa is known for sea grapes (google: Okinawa sea grapes), its like seaweed in fish roe shape/ texture. taste pretty good and usually serve with vinegar in sashimi. =D I think Okinawa is also famous for bitter melon but I'm totally not interested in it lol. I know Taiwan has good bitter melon as well, tried some, still didn't like it lol.


P.S. I have been doing a lot of make up practice recently and looking at cosplay photos in my free time lol. I have no idea how I'm gonna gain my focus back when school starts LOL.

P.P.S. Fancy composition and frames... yes its from phone apps lol. I usually do collage when there are too many photos lol.

P.P.P.S. too scared to install window 10... how was it lol.

[#363] Aug 9, 2015

[#363] Aug 9, 2015 at 3:53 AM

Wow you certainly had a busy few weeks. Actually did not really expect that you already went to Okinawa... then again it is August already omg.

Definitely nice costume!! Yes from before and after you tailored it makes quite a difference....... indeed cosplay isn't as easy as just buy and wear costume. Also looks like you worked on the makeup too, looks more detailed and more professional looking than before... but also more feminine/pretty than before. Well quite sure you are going for female version Hakutaku judging from your poses anyways lol. Also, you should have a pic taken of you standing in front of a fan or something to show off your forehead mark haha.

The pic of your shopping haul at ACGHK... that contrast between the Jojo figures and that Princess in Wonderland book LOL. You certainly are a diverse person hahahaha. Anyways wonder what your bedroom looks like now that you have to fit a whole season of Jojo manga volumes, two decent sizes Jojo figures, plus all the miscellaneous stuff that you showed me in your past emails. Can't find the exact email but I'm sure you said something along the lines of "there's no space in your room for anything more" before you bought all that stuff lol. Well, I can imagine you replying "there's always space for Jojo" haha.

That Hakutaku cat drawing lol..... interesting thing to cosplay. "What the heck is that thing" was exactly my reaction. But wow seems like there is a lot of these events in HK? Also you mentioned CWT in October... does that mean you're going to Taiwan again then? How many vacation days do you have exactly lol?????

Is Okinawa known for food (I know next to nothing about there)? Because that's a lot of food :P Looks good!! Also nice snack haul. And flyboarding?? Wow have you done it before or gotten training or something? I never knew it is for, like, normal people for lack of a better term lol. I thought its only used by professionals or super water sport enthusiasts because it looks tricky? How's controlling/balancing it like? I imagine if I tried it I would immediately just flip over and face plant into the water LOL....

A business golf trip to Macau. Seriously, I think your boss should change your job title from "Senior Marketing Analyst" to "Executive-in-training" lol. Also get paid to take a day trip to play golf... I don't know but I think you should watch your back because people would probably kill for your job :P So how did it go?

Speaking of job... still haven't got an official offer from CIBC yet. I had to email them saying its been a while whats up, so they emailed me giving me unofficial offer since they are still waiting to receive proper HR approvals etc. So, pay is $30/hr for contract, so works out to be roughly 54k/yr (looks like 8 hour days: 7 hour work and 1 hour lunch unpaid). Well, not great but at least reasonable. However on the bright side, unexpectedly the job title is Business Systems Analyst. I've been wanting to see if I can get into the Business Analyst field and this is close (business systems analyst is usually a little more technical)... at least title wise, no idea about actual job contents. Even if its completely different from business analyst, at least the title on resume would get recruiter to actually read it lol? Well its been over a week since the unofficial offer and still no response so maybe they have trouble hiring due to CIBC cost cutting measures sigh. At least I know they would hire me if they could LOL.


P.S. I noticed some of your pictures have fancy compositions and frames. Phone app? Guess those are the pics definitely on your facebook haha
P.P.S. Also those word overlays on some of your Okinawa photos makes it look like its from a promotional advert lol
P.P.P.S. Got the Windows 10 upgrade! <- sign I worked IT

[#362] Aug 5, 2015

[#362] Aug 5, 2015 at 3:37 PM

Heyyy!!! Finally got time to reply XD. Got 200+ emails in my business email account so it took me quite a while to read/ scan through them LOL. Apparently I missed a lot of work with 5 days off and had to follow up a bunch of projects lol. Now I'm kinda done work and is free as usual... for now lol.

Anyways. I'll start from July 25 LOL. ACGHK went on for 5 days (July 24-28). I went on D2 and D4. (<- a new phrase I learnt, D= day, D2 = day2 of the event = July25, such format/phrase of date is applicable to all events LOL) For D2 I was going for the merchandise mostly so I didn't wear the costume. It would be wayyyyyy too crowded and painful to shop in costume lol. BUT!!! With the enthusiasm of presenting myself as a JOJO fan, this was what I did:

TA~DAAA~ Those key chains!! Yes you guess it right!! Bought those from the event in February www. "For the first time in forever~~~" The best belt in the world LOL. Frankly this is even more secure then clinging them on my bag pack. This way I can constantly check if they are still on me LOL. Anyways..... bought more jojo stuff!!!!!

Yes!!!!!!!!! I finally got my figures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kakyouin and Caesar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Guess what they are only HKD360 each!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Still haven't got the time to play with them yet lol. BUT THE TIME WILL COME........ SOON!!!www

July 26 Sunday. Taking a break from ACGHK and getting ready for my costume (It was actually pretty rush, fixing costume the night before event LOLOL). Here is a "before" photo. Wig is not ready and needed to be trimmed. Pants were too large. The outer wear was too long as well LOL. Well the shoulder width is just right so I couldn't get a smaller size. Besides they ran out of any smaller size anyways wwww. I was soooooo super lucky that my miniature sewing machine is still working after all these years wwwwww. Bought this in grade 8 for homework/project so this thing is like around 9 years old LOL. BTW I totally forgot to take a "after' photo caz it was already midnight by the time I was done LOL.

D5!!!! Guess I have already sent you my best shots LOL, I will post some cosplay of others. There are surprisingly many superhero and Disney cosplay around lol. Here is my favourite one. Batman was checking in his luggage and a bunch of Robins just ran over and started lining up XDD. I'm pretty sure it was their first time meeting each other XDDD. So cute wwwwwwwwwww. There was also Else and Anna from Frozen, Cinderella, Snow White, Bell, Arora.

And ohhhh guess who I met LOLOLOL. OMG Jack Frost wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. And Spiderman wwwww. Guess you can see I tighten the pants and the outer wear to fit my size.

Walked around for a bit and played jojo game LOL. it feels so good when passer-by look at you and they recognize your character XDD. Love it when they call me Hakutaku and ask for taking photo XDD.

Sooo. Any comments on my Hakutaku? XDD . There is another event coming up on August 30 CW (comic world) which is mostly for shoujo manga and fan made stuff. I will be cos playing hakutaku again LOL. Simply because that's the only costume I have at the moment lol. Sandy is gonna do a personification version (female) of this:

Incase you are wondering "the heck is this creature", it is Hakutaku's drawing of a cat wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. So we can pair up in the event XDD. The jojo costumes are still in progress and won't be ready until September, well I planned to wear those in mid October for CWT (comic world Taiwan). Was too excited looking at Jolyne's pictures I HAD tried out the lips make up. Will probably do blue lips caz its her signature colour lol.

OKINAWA trip!!!! Yes mostly food. LOL.

Marriot Hotel Swimming pool =D. Marriot have shuttle bus to beach around. 5mins ride and you are by the sea. Went Snockling and fly board. Fly board was super fun XDDD. Unfortunately it was low tide. Sea level was so low to the point the water only goes up to you thigh when you walk to the edge of the beach line. Kinda sad

Jump Station in OKINAWA~~~~ Bought a bunch of "Okinawa only" souvenirs. Forgot to took pictures before sending out to friends tho www.